This Easter, we’re giving away free membership extensions for every friend referral you make!

Love training at Trifecta Martial Arts? Share the love with your friends and families and get rewarded with free membership extensions and even a free private class with one of our instructors!


The promotion:
All you need to is pick up an Easter card from the front desk at any of our branches, and invite your friends and families to sign up for a membership with us. Each successful sign-up earns you 1 stamp, which lets you extend your membership with us by one week. Get 5 stamps, and you’ll not only receive a 4-week extension, but one free private class too!

How it works:
You get 1 stamp for every referral who signs up for a 3-month membership (adults) or 12 classes (kids).

Promotion dates:
Promo period: 22 March – 23 April 2017
Redemption: 24 April – 28 April 2017

Terms & conditions:
– 1 stamp is entitled to 1 week extension of existing contract.
– Rewarded class extension will be added at the end of contract term.
– Referred new member’s name must be recorded as proof to redeem stamp.
– This card is non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.
– Trifecta Martial Arts is not liable for any loss of card.
– Card must be presented for redemption at respective branch from 24 April to 28 April 2017, thereafter will be forfeited.
– Private class redemption is subjected to availability of Trifecta Martial Arts instructors & pre-booking is strictly required.
– Bookings to be made at respective branches.
– The management reserves the right to change any Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

Got a question? Refer to our FAQ below or contact our front desk staff.

Referral mechanics:

  1. Do I get a stamp:
    a) If my referral signs up at a different branch? Yes
    b) For a different discipline than the one my referral signed up for? (e.g my referral signs up for Muay Thai/TKD but I would like my stamp to be applied to BJJ?) Yes
    c) If my referral is for a child’s class, but I am an adult currently training at Trifecta Martial Arts? Yes
    d) If my referral is for an adult’s class, but I am a parent of a child currently training at Trifecta Martial Arts? Yes
  1. For every referral that signs up for a minimum of 3 months at Trifecta Martial Arts, I get one stamp. If my referral signs up for more months, do I get more stamps?
    You will receive only one stamp per sign up.
  1. My referral chose to sign up for a 12 session package (adults). Can I still get a stamp for this?
    No, stamps only apply for adult memberships with a minimum of 3 months.
  1. My referral took a trial class within the promotion period, but decided to sign up for a membership after the promotion period. Can I still redeem stamps?
    No, all registration and payment activity has to be within promo period.
  1. Does my referral get an incentive for signing up under my name? No.
  1. My referral signed up but forgot to mention my name during the registration. Do I still get a stamp?
    Yes, have referred person send an email to us with your name.
  1. My referral brought a friend with him/her, and both of them signed up at the same time. Does this entitle me to 2 stamps?
    You as the
    existing member gets both stamps in this case. However, if your referral has already signed up. and following that has successfully managed to rope in a friend to join him/her, your friend will receive the stamp as he/she is already a member at that point.


  1. Is there a maximum cap on the number of stamps/cards I can get? No.
  1. Can the free weeks can be redeemed at any point within my membership period?
    No, they are only accredited at the end of the current contract, as a form of membership extension.

Private class entitlements (5 stamps and above):

  1. How long is each private class for? 60 mins
  1. Can I choose a private class with any instructor, at any branch of my choice, at any time?
    These factors are subject to availability, and must be booked in advance.
  1. When is the expiry date of redemption for my private class?
    You are required to make your booking by 28th April 2017, but your class date does not need to be held within the promotion window.
  1. Can I share this private class with other students? No.
  1. Do I have to take my class within the promotional period, or it can be taken after?
    You are required to make your booking by 28th April 2017, but your class date does not need to be held within the promotion window.
  1. I don’t wish to take a private class. Can I redeem the 5 stamps for something else, like a discount off merchandise, or an additional free week?
    Please contact Lali at Do note that your rewards are not transferable for cash or to offset other purchases.
  1. Can I take a private class for a discipline that I did not sign up for? (e.g. I am a BJJ student but want a Muay Thai/TKD private class?) Yes.

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