Muay Thai, also referred to as Thai Boxing, is a dynamic and explosive ring sport and the national sport of Thailand. Often called “The Art of the Eight Limbs” Muay Thai emphasises striking with knees, elbows, hands and feet. This diversity of strikes and its raw power have earned Muay Thai a reputation as on of the most formidable and effective striking arts.

Muay Thai has roots on the ancient battlefield, where it was developed as a form of unarmed combat for Siamese (Thai) warriors.

This battlefield art was preserved throughout Thailand’s modernisation and later developed into a vibrant ring-sport with a rich tradition and history. In Thailand, Muay Thai is steeped in spirituality, ritual and culture.

Though it was developed for combat Muay Thai can be practiced for fitness, self-defence and competition. At Trifecta Martial Arts we place an emphasis on sound fundamentals, technical mastery and fitness. We believe that strong and technically sound basics allow the practitioner to get the most out of their training experience, and to enjoy the sport for the long term.

( Only available at our Bukit Timah & River Valley Branches )

Trifecta Martial Arts offers a wide array of Muay Thai classes for adults of all skills levels. The Muay Thai program focuses upon developing sound fundamentals and fitness. Muay Thai can be a great workout, and its benefits to cardio are second to none. However we emphasise a strong foundation in the basic techniques first, ensuring our members safety during training and allowing them to embrace the finer technical points of the sport.

“I do not fear the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times.”

Bruce Lee


  • Manop Kaewnil (Kru Noi)
    Manop Kaewnil (Kru Noi)Kru, Muay Thai

    Manop is one of the most experienced and highly regarded Thai Boxing instructors in Thailand. He has been training and living with our gym, the world famous Sityodtong gym in Pattaya, Thailand since the age of 11 and started teaching since he was 23 years old, thus having more than 25 years of professional teaching experience at the highest level.

    Manop is also an experienced Thai boxing competitor, having competed in over 120 professional fights in major stadiums in Thailand. As a master trainer, he has been in charge of training world class professional Thai Boxing fighters from Europe and other parts of the world at the Sityodtong gym since 2000.

    • Ahmed Zareh
      Ahmed ZarehMuay Thai Program Director

      Ahmed brings a unique and multifaceted vision to Trifecta’s Muay Thai program. As a trained architect, he has a talent for analysing martial arts conceptually and breaking down techniques to their key spatial ideas. This analytical perspective and meticulous approach compliments the vast experience of Trifecta’s veteran Muay Thai coaches.

      Ahmed began his martial arts journey in Karate at the age of 9, but grew frustrated with its rigidity and ritualism. He rediscovered martial arts in 2008 through Muay Thai and BJJ, and swiftly grew addicted to these organic and realistic art forms. Muay Thai became an integral part of his daily life ever since.

      Ahmed is a multiple-time Singaporean BJJ champion and an active MMA fighter in the ‘Malaysian Invasion MMA’ (MIMMA) promotion. He believes firmly in the importance of competition in self-discovery and character-building for both adults and children.


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