Bruno Cunha

Coach, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

With a Bachelors degree in Physical Education and a black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu, Professor Bruno Cunha belongs to the rare breed of Brazilian Jiujitsu instructors who are well versed in both theory and combat aspects of the sport. As an open-minded athlete, Professor Bruno trained in various grappling arts, including Judo and Wrestling, before devoting himself to BJJ.

Commencing his BJJ journey at 18 years old, Professor Bruno may be seen as a late bloomer in Brazil. However, Professor Bruno has never allowed his late entrance into the martial arts be a setback for his career. Instead Professor Bruno worked doubly hard, earning a black belt from Gama Filho Team (GF Team) in nine years. Professor Bruno was awarded his 2nd degree black belt from USFBJJ in July of 2013.

Professor Bruno Cunha has garnered a reputation amongst his students and fellow instructors as an affable, compassionate and patient instructor. His easy-going and humble nature belies a wealth of teaching experience. Professor Bruno has taught at many established schools in Brazil including leading the kids program at Centro de Ensino da Barra, the school syllabus for Instituto Agras, as well as playing the key role of the Brazilian Jiujitsu professor at Academia Costa Barros for the last ten years.

He has also taught internationally, at Versus Performance (Hong Kong) and Klinch MMA (Malaysia). At Trifecta Martial Arts he is integral to the development of the BJJ curriculum for children and adults. He is in charge of children’s and adult classes as well as Conditioning, at Trifecta Martial Arts – Novena.

Bruno’s warm and easy-going nature makes him extremely accessible to students of all levels, from children and beginners to high-belts and competitors. Always reading about health, BJJ and martial arts theory keeps Bruno at the forefront of technique, and equips him with the conceptual tools to problem- solve in situations both within and outside of BJJ. With his positive and open-minded outlook and his depth of fitness and martial arts knowledge, Bruno is a critical and beloved part of the Trifecta Martial Arts team.

In his free time, Professor Bruno likes to read, swim, play a little bit of football, practice yoga and meditate.